HAMP RE-CREATION- A New Kind of Youth Buidling

The ReCreation centre on the corner of King George Avenue and Rhode lane was the most  crucial element in the regeneration of Hamp through the SRB funding of the mid 2000's  and the HCA's most important asset. 

The old youth club  building   had fallen into disrepair and had to be demolished.  Consultation showed that 25% of the population on Hamp are under 16 compared with 20% regionally and the  lack of facilities for young people was leading to anti-social behaviour and crime. The community was in talks with the SWRDA about funding the development of a youth centre through non SRB funds, but when this did not develop, it became a high priority for SRB funding.

The solution was to build a £641,501 new youth centre, funded with £403,33914 from SRB plus an additional £47,245 of revenue support. The project   has since obtained money from Children in Need and the Safer Sedgemoor Partnership. In addition, it raises some funds through sale of goods in the café, other paid trips and room hire and functions. However, although funding was secured for the following  three years after the SRB project funding ended there remains an ongoing need to ensure future funding is in place.
Les Riddle
The SRB evaluation report concluded;- "Overall, the building is a tremendous asset to the estate, especially in the absence of a community centre. Other community groups do use the building during the day and after the youth club session in the evening. "
The Re-Creation centre is managed by Les Riddle and forms part of the Hamp Community Association brief. 

WHATS ON AT ReCreation

Monday     9am - 3pm       cafe open
10 - 12noon     cooking club 
3pm - 6pm   after school drop in free 
7pm - 9pm       youth club

Tuesday     7.30am - 9am   Breakfast Club
9am-3pm         cafe open
1pm - 3pm    computer group
3pm - 6pm  after school drop in free
6pm - 7pm  self defence class

6pm- 7pm   youth drop in

 Wednesday  7.30am-9am        Breakfast club
  9am - 12noon      conextions
  9am - 3pm          cafe open
  3pm - 6pm          after school drop in free
  6pm - 8.30pm      aspergers group
  6pm - 8pm           youth dro in 


Thursday    7.30am - 9am       breakfast club
9am-3pm             cafe open

10am - 12noon     book club
12noon - 2pm       luncheon club
3pm - 6pm           after school drop in free
6pm-8pm             dream maker
6pm - 8pm           youth drop in
Friday       9am-3pm                cafe open 
10.30am 11.30am     tai chi 
3pm -6pm              after school drop in free 
7pm 9.30pm     film night-disco night and bingo(once a month)

Saturday       10 - 2pm           saturday club   
Sunday     12noon-4pm    youth drop in                                    
2pm - 4pm      boxing   
 Visit the website set up by the users of Recreation for more information