HCA- Edinburgh Road Information Centre

The property at 1 Edinburgh Rd was purchased at the beginning of the SRB Programme as a temporary operating base for the SRB team. The original intention was that when a community resource centre was established it would be resold and money used for other projects. 

The building was purchased and made fit for purpose at a cost of £80,586. In 2002, a project was approved to provide information and advice at 1 Edinburgh Rd. Total project costs of £74,096 paid for:
• a paid part time manager to run the centre and provide some admin support to HCA and SRB,
• an operating base for HCA;
• a base for organisations such as Citizen’s advice, JobCentre plus, Bridgwater Credit Union to operate from (see below);
• a venue for working together to further projects in Hamp; and
• allow access to ICT, provide training and volunteering opportunities.

Today 1 Edinburgh Road  is the base of the HCA and continues to offer community services.                          Community development worker  Julie Raven specifically mentions..

Fridays;-  from 11 am - 2pm  The ORGANIC FOOD CO-OP   (soon to be followed by the dry food co op.)
Wednesdays - CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU 10 am 12pm (appointments can be made or just drop in.)
Mondays ;- KNIT AND NATTER  from 1pm-3pm all welcome